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Clinical Trials

Clinical trials industry is constantly evolving, and also new clinical studies are being launched at an ever-growing pace. Clinical trial services have widely regarded as the principal method for obtaining a reliable evaluation of treatment effect on patients. Conducting clinical trials is a growing trend in the medical industry for testing the safety level and effectiveness of a newly developed medical device or drug. They provide the reliable basis for evaluating the efficacy and safety of new treatments in clinical trials industry. The historical perspective, present status, and future strategy for clinical trials provide a contextual framework.

Innovative Trial Designs

Revolutionising clinical research

Clinical research has always been at the forefront of medical advancements


Harnessing data and real-time action for better healthcare

The past five years have seen the AsiaPacific APAC region emerge as a global hub for clinical trials attracting pharmaceutical companies

Getting The Most Out of Your Clinical Trial

Collecting human factors data to improve commercial device design

Human factors engineering HFE is crucial in developing an effective device and is critical to meeting global regulatory expectations

Human Challenge Trials

Establishing early risk-benefit in development of vaccines and therapies for infectious diseases

Although slowly fading away from the collective memory the SARSCoV pandemic that started in early and the unprecedented health crisis on a global scale that followed reminded us about the necessity of pandemic preparedness

Adaptive Clinical Trial Designs

The definition concept and scope of controlled clinical trials in human beings is a relatively new one and has rapidly evolved during the last years

Reinventing Patient Recruitment

Achieving accelerated clinical endpoints through a revolutionary patient recruitment model

It is widely recognised that clinical trial success is dependent on patient recruitment

Novel Approaches in Early Phase Oncology Trials to Revolutionise Cancer Care

The pursuit for effective treatment modalities for cancer rides on sustained efforts with catalysed adoption of technological advancements that surpass traditional paradigms


How to select the CRO for a clinical trial

Clinical trials are an integral part of drug development that decide the outcome of the newly developed or the newly formulated medicines

Current Trends in Pharmacogenomics that will shape Clinical Trials

The complete human genome was published in March heralding a new era in pharmacogenomics advancing genome analysis and unlocking value additions in precision medicine


A valuable tool for clinical trial safety planning

Recently a Drug Information Association American Statistical Associationsponsored Interdisciplinary Safety Evaluation working group published a recommended approach to the aggregate assessment of clinical trial safety data

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